Water for Pharmaceuticals: Opportunities in the developed and emerging markets

  • Published: July 31st, 2014
  • Author: Global Water Intelligence
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Water for Pharmaceuticals: Opportunities in the developed and emerging markets


The pharmaceutical industry is suffering a period of uncertainty in the wake of the patent cliff in 2011. The days of double digit growth for Big Pharma are over as several blockbuster drugs expire simultaneously, so pharmaceutical companies have been rethinking their business models to counter losses and are turning to market consolidation to maintain their revenues and profits. 

What does this mean for the water sector?

Water is a critical element of the pharmaceutical business and these changes will ultimately have a knock-on effect for water companies working within the sector. Cost reduction is the overriding priority for the pharmaceuticals industry – facilities are being closed or downsized and procurement managers are opting for low cost systems over high quality. It is essential that water companies understand these developments and plan for the future to overcome margin erosion, remain competitive and to win bids.

Water companies need a sharp eye on emerging opportunities and an adequate understanding of the changes in the industry to maintain success in this changing market. This new GWI Analysts’ Report - Water for Pharmaceuticals - is a crucial tool for any water company working within the pharmaceuticals market. Offering you all the intelligence you need in around 50 pages, we help you minimise the impact of these changes on your business and show you the regions and trends still creating opportunities for your solutions – so you can build a robust strategy for the future and maintain your bottom line during this time of flux.

Key features

In spite of the challenges the pharmaceuticals market is facing, there are still exciting opportunities for water treatment companies pitching the right solutions in the right regions - Water for Pharmaceuticals gives you all the actionable market intelligence you need to maintain a strong presence in this market.

Pinpoint the regions offering the best opportunities for your solutions - we explore the best prospects in the most active regions – covering both the largest and most mature markets as well as developing economies showing impressive growth, so you know where to focus your activities during this time of change. The report will focus on Western Europe, Japan, the USA, Brazil, China and India.

Learn about industry and technology trends – understand why and how the industry is changing and how your business will be affected, so you can adjust your offering according to the new approaches of the pharmaceutical market - maintaining your success.

Understand changing market dynamics and procurement processes – we analyse how the market dynamics have changed following the patent cliff in 2011 and how the procurement process has been affected, so you can plan a robust strategy, pitch the right solutions and win contracts.

Find the markets with the best prospects for your business – market forecasts for water systems and water treatment in the most active regions, so you can target the geographies with the greatest demand for your solutions.


This report will focus on the trends that are driving opportunities in mature and developing markets – covering the USA, Western Europe, Japan, India, China and Brazil

Process Water – As a result of the patent cliff and consequences to maximise revenues, pharmaceutical companies are looking towards process optimisation – we show you the opportunities for water technology companies to offer solutions that aid cost reduction and energy efficiency.

Outsourcing – Although the pharmaceutical industry considers water as a core business, they are increasingly considering using outsourcing in the form of engineering, maintenance and utilities contracts to alleviate the challenges they face. We explore the opportunities for water companies to bring their greater system knowledge to deliver financial savings to the pharmaceutical industry.

Water Quality Improvement – the report identifies a demand for solutions to help with water quality issues in developing markets. We show you how the challenges faced by utilities in China and India are opening up for water technology companies.

Wastewater – there are good prospects for water companies that can develop appropriate solutions for the removal of micropollutants. We show you how regulations and water quality standards are creating opportunities for your business in different regions.

Who should read this report?

Equipment suppliers – this report is an essential tool for planning your future activities in this sector. Find out about the changing trends within the pharmaceuticals industry and pinpoint where the biggest opportunities for solutions lie. Understand changing procurement processes and find out how to stay competitive in the market.

Water technology providers - understand the challenges the pharmaceutical industry is facing, how business models are changing as a consequence and how your business might be affected – so you can ensure you offer the right solutions to the right segments of the market and identify the ideal projects to bid on.

Engineering consultants, systems integrators – learn more about the challenges other water sector players are facing within this industry and use this intelligence to advise your clients within the pharmaceutical sector and ensure a more efficient procurement process. This report gives you all the data and analysis you need to plan your future business in the industry.

Market forecast categories

Potable water systems – Includes systems and equipment for pretreatment of process water in facilities that have no access to supplies of utility drinking water. The technologies included in this category include basic screening, settling tanks, filtration, chemical softening, and dechlorination. This category does not include systems for pre-treatment of non-process water in a pharmaceutical facility.

Purified water systems – Includes systems and equipment for treating potable water to purified water (PW) standard. The technologies permitted to reach this standard are defined in national pharmacopoeias. These technologies may include ion exchange, high pressure (RO/NF) membranes, thermal distillation, electrodeionisation and low pressure (MF/UF) membranes. This does not include systems and equipment for treating other ultrapure water streams in a pharmaceutical facility, such as boiler feedwater.

Water for injection – Includes systems and equipment for treating potable water to water for injection (WFI) standard. The technologies permitted to reach this standard are defined in national pharmacopoeias. These technologies may include thermal distillation or high pressure (RO/NF) membranes.

Basic wastewater treatment – Includes standard systems and equipment for treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater before surface discharge or discharge into a municipal sewer. Technologies included in this category include clarification and settling tanks, flotation and biological treatment.

Advanced wastewater treatment – Includes advanced systems and equipment for treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater before surface water discharge, discharge into a municipal sewer or internal reuse. Technologies included in this category include high pressure (RO/NF) membranes, membrane bioreactors (MBR), disinfection, thermal evaporation, and sludge management systems.


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