Water for Power: Opportunities in water and wastewater treatment for tomorrow’s energy needs

Water for Power: Opportunities in water and wastewater treatment for tomorrow’s energy needs


Capacity of coal fired plants using wet FGD scrubbers in China 1990-2013

Water and power are inseparable. Water is the ‘working fluid’ for the thermal power industry – the largest industrial user of water in the world. So, it goes without saying that this growth will create huge global opportunities for the water sector - and we show you why the biggest opportunities will be in water and wastewater treatment.

On top of a growing demand for energy, stricter environmental regulations globally and increasing water scarcity will open up huge avenues of opportunity for the water and wastewater sector. The thermal power industry will invest increasingly in water and wastewater treatment and services (including such as chemicals, outsourcing and mobile treatment).

Water for Power will guide you through the best opportunities in water treatment and services for the fossil fuel and nuclear power industry – the report will investigate global trends and geographical market drivers; it will highlight the biggest growth regions and show you exactly how to break into these markets. We show you how the energy mix will shape future markets and affect investments, forecasting the best prospects for your business in this rapidly growing sector.

What does the report offer?

The demand for energy is set to accelerate and the water for power industry will be one of the fastest-growing markets over the next decade. This report is the definitive, global guide to the emerging opportunities in this sector, covering:

  • Global market size and growth rates for water and wastewater treatment technologies and services (with a focus on chemicals, outsourcing and mobile treatment), so you can plan your involvement over the next 5 years
  • Market player analysis – identify your potential partners and leading competitors and plan your market penetration strategies
  • Technology trends – explaining current and future technology trends globally , so you can identify the best prospects for your business
  • In-depth analysis of 3 key country markets – China, India and the USA – including country specific drivers, technology trends, procurement models and supply chain analysis, so you can successfully break into these market or maintain your presence
  • Overview of regional markets – Analysis of how the development of new power plants affect the regional energy mix, market dynamics and future water treatment investments.

Opportunities in water for power

Find out why the big money is in water and wastewater treatment…

The biggest opportunities will be in water and wastewater technologies and solutions – capital expenditure on water and wastewater treatment is set grow at an annual rate of 7.2% until 2018. A mixture of tightening regulations, water scarcity and increased demand make the power sector a very fertile market for both conventional and pioneering water and wastewater treatment technologies. We show you how an increasing challenging environment for the power generation industry is creating opportunities for international players with water and wastewater treatment solutions to break into new markets.


The supply of wastewater treatment equipment is the most rapidly growing area of the market. We focus on the opportunities in this area as well offering a complete guide to the best prospects for your water treatment technology or your chemical treatment, mobile water treatment and outsourcing services

FGD Wastewater treatment – flue gas desulphurisation technologies produce highly concentrated wastewater streams that simply have to be treated – especially in countries such as China where regulations are tightening. As a result, power plant operators are investing more and more in advanced wastewater treatment technologies. The report shows you where this is opening up opportunities for international players to capitalise on the inexperience of local companies, and exactly how international players can penetrate these markets.

Water reuse – Plant operators are coming under increased pressure to reduce their effect on the environment. Water reuse can reduce water withdrawals in areas experiencing water scarcity. In India, the use of ZLD technologies will see substantial growth to meet targets for water reuse in new power plants. We highlight opportunities for water treatment specialists to capitalise on these emerging trends and drivers.

Cooling system upgrades – once-through cooling systems place a significant strain on local water sources. Stricter regulations on discharge in countries like the USA mean that this is no longer a sustainable strategy. The report will investigate how and where tightening regulations will encourage water reuse in the cooling system and investment in more advanced water treatment, so you can keep ahead of your competitors in capitalising on these emerging opportunities.

Chemical Treatment – the shift towards advanced treatment systems and recirculating will drive the chemical treatment market. Cooling towers require greater control of water chemistry than once-through systems and water and wastewater treatment systems require chemical feeds to make sure they operate efficiently – so there will be huge new avenues of opportunity for suppliers of water treatment chemicals. The report analyses how chemicals are bought and sold in different markets, showing you how you can enter each individual supply chain.

Outsourcing – Power plant operators are increasingly considering the option to outsource the operation of their water treatment systems to focus on what they do the best – generating electricity. Water companies have the opportunity to bring their greater system knowledge to deliver financial savings to the power sector. This report assesses the opportunities for outsourcing in the global arena.

Mobile water treatment systems –There will be an increased demand for temporary water treatment systems in case of emergencies, during scheduled maintenance to existing systems, and as an alternative to conventional water treatment systems. This report analyses the potential for temporary water treatment, and identifies the leading players in this rapidly developing market.

Geographical coverage

This report offers a global guide to the opportunities for the water and wastewater sector in the power industry. For each region, it offers an overview of the energy mix, market drivers, forecasted investment and future projects.

The report focuses on the three countries where we see the greatest opportunities – India, China and the USA. We analyse the unique trends and drivers in each country, supply chains and procurement models, key players and market opportunities, as well as providing a forecast of projected investments.

Country chapters
United States

Regional chapters

Regional snapshots
Rest of Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa

Market Drivers

  • Water Scarcity – This is the biggest driver for water and wastewater technologies. Power plants globally face restricted water resources, so there are huge opportunities for businesses that can offer solutions for higher reuse rates. From ZLD to desalination, we show you the biggest opportunities for your technologies in the global market.
  • Regulations – The need to reduce the environmental impact of the power industry is a major driver. Pollutants that are released during the burining of fossil fuels must be scrubbed from waste gases. This creates a very concentrated wastestream that must be treated before discharge, requiring upgrades to exsiting systems and the adoption of specialist technology in new power plants. We show you the countries most affected by these regulations, so you can identify regions that have a need for your solutions.
    Economic development and industrialisation – thermal generating capacity is increasing rapidly in emerging economies and driving investment in process water treatment in these areas. We identify the regions offering the best prospects for water and wastewater treatment and give you strategies for breaking into these markets, so you can expand your business into the most lucrative markets ahead of your competitors.

How to access the market

Water for Power gives you invaluable advice from industry insiders on how to do business in the three biggest markets – India, China and the USA.

By interviewing experts who have concrete experience in that country, we reveal how the market works in practice and give you strategies to guarantee success in each country.

The report offers:
• Analysis of procurement processes and market penetration strategies
• Supply chain analysis
• A list of key market players and who your potential partners or competitors will be
• Possible ways to enter the supply chain alongside the dominant market players

Who should read this report?

Equipment suppliers and major water companies – understand the current and future trends in water and wastewater treatment technologies used to identify new market opportunities. The report includes an overview of how water and wastewater systems for power plants are procured in the 3 key markets allowing you to adapt your business strategy and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

Chemical suppliers – understand how regulations are driving the demand for more environmentally friendly chemicals trends. The report investigates how market drivers are creating opportunities for your business and guides you through the most successful strategies for selling your products to power plant operators.

Investors and financiers – identify the best investment opportunities in this growing market. Understand how the market works and the regions with the greatest prospects.

Consultants – fully understand the market, the business prospects it offers for your clients and how to successfully capitalise on these emerging opportunities.

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