Ireland outlines first water tariffs since 1997

Published July 31st, 2014

The Republic of Ireland’s Commission for Energy Regulation released details of the country’s first household water and wastewater tariff scheme since 1997 today following prolonged negotiations with national utility Irish Water.

Under changes imposed for Ireland’s Troika bailout package, the standard metered rate for water and wastewater will be set at the equivalent of $5.58/m3 when applied to a benchmark use of 15m³ per month. This takes Ireland from one of the few countries not to charge consumers for water into a similar league to high chargers like the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

Households will receive 30m³ per year for no cost, after which they will be will charged €4.88/m³, including taxes, for water and wastewater service. While meters are installed across the country, rates will be capped until March 2015 at an annual fixed rate of €176 plus €102 for every additional adult living in a household.