New CDP water report highlights European disparity

Published March 9th, 2017

CDP’s latest European water disclosure report – issued earlier this week on behalf of investors managing €65 trillion in assets – illustrates a growing disparity between the leaders and the laggards in terms of corporate water risk disclosure.

While Europe punches above its weight insofar as it is home to 12 of CDP’s 25 global “A-list” companies, 58% of the 288 firms approached declined to disclose any water-related data, despite a growing demand for transparency. Of the top eight countries, the Netherlands – despite being a self-styled global water leader in other respects – scored particularly poorly, with only 29% of the Dutch companies who were approached reporting back.

Quite apart from the reputational benefits that investor-driven water disclosure can bring to corporates, disclosure continues to be the first step towards identifying opportunities for operational improvements – both in-house and in the supply chain – with clear potential to benefit the environment and the bottom line.