Ofwat slaps down UK companies over data handling

Published November 30th, 2017

National regulator Ofwat has instructed four UK water companies – Thames, Southern, Dee Valley, and Bristol – to submit detailed plans before the end of January on ways to improve the quality of their data.

The industry regulator said it had concluded that there could be no certainty at present that information from the quartet was either complete or accurate. “Our checks suggest we may not be able to take everything at face value,” said Aileen Armstrong, Ofwat’s senior director for finance and governance.

Ofwat has asked the four companies to produce “risk, strength, and weakness” assessments of their data-handling procedures – along with action plans to address the present shortcomings – by the 31 January deadline.

Any that fail to do so, or to subsequently implement necessary changes within a time-scale acceptable to Ofwat, could face formal investigations – and potentially seven-figure fines – for breaching key terms of their licence conditions.