How to get UK water consumption to below 50 l/p/d

Published May 10th, 2018

A new report produced for Ofwat has concluded that it is possible to reduce average per capita consumption (PCC) in the UK to 50-70 litres per day by 2065, “without a reduction in the level of utility of quality of water use”.

The document’s author, Artesia Consulting, wisely acknowledges that the most aggressive “deep reduction” scenario – which would see PCC drop to 49 l/p/d – may seem excessive by today’s standards (it is lower than the extreme emergency restrictions currently in place in drought-ravaged Cape Town, for example).

Nevertheless, it suggests that this could be achieved through a combination of waterless toilets, washing machines and dishwashers, recycling showers, and innovative technologies (including, somewhat bizarrely, “smaller baths”).

While PCC volumes are naturally declining by a rate of 1.2 l/p/d per year, it is difficult to see how the deepest reductions could be achieved without primary legislation to force them through.