California approves $1.2 billion in water funding

Published June 7th, 2018

This week, California voters approved the issuance of $4.1 billion in general obligation bonds which will allocate over $1.2 billion to water-related projects in the state.

Proposition 68 will provide $250 million to drinking water projects and $290 million to water recycling and groundwater recharge initiatives.

This week’s bond precedes a more sizeable $8.9 billion water-specific bond that is slated to appear on the November ballot in California. If passed, this would allocate a combined $800 million to water recycling and groundwater desalination projects, which together with the Proposition 68 allocation could provide a significant fillip for the pipeline of advanced treatment projects in the state.

Nevertheless, with over half of the $725 million allocated to water recycling projects from California’s last water bond in 2014 yet to be awarded to qualifying projects, it will be several years before this new money makes a real impact on the ground.