Water sector awaits Jordan government reshuffle

Published June 7th, 2018

Jordanian water minister Ali Al-Ghazawi is waiting to hear about his future – just three months after being appointed – as the country’s new prime minister considers a government reshuffle in the face of growing national protests.

Then-PM Hani Al-Mulki appointed Al-Ghazawi in early March to replace long-standing water supremo Hazim El-Naser, as part of a bid to soothe public anger over rising costs and taxes in Jordan. However, Al-Mulki himself was removed by the king earlier this week as protests kicked off over a new income tax law and the lowering of fuel subsidies.

The country’s new prime minister, Omar Razzaz, will now have to form a new government, although what level of personnel change this will involve is still unclear. Whoever the next water minister is, they will be operating under a warning from the king not to increase the cost of important consumer goods – including water.