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Global Water Intelligence Magazine is the unchallenged leader in high-value business information for the water industry. Track major global water projects from conception to contract award. Discover emerging trends in the global water industry. Formulate strategy in a rapidly changing world. Every issue of our monthly magazine brings you the latest news, financial analysis and market data that is crucial to planning a successful future for your business.

Financial outlook and investment opportunities

GWI Magazine is about markets and money. Our detailed analysis of project financing, private water deals and corporate transactions gives you the real story behind the numbers: we arm you with the positive information you need to make the right decisions for your business.

 And if you want to build a portfolio of water stocks, the GWI Global Water Index tracks the performance of private water companies on stock exchanges around the world. Find out where your next dollar is coming from and secure your future – a subscription to GWI is a crucial investment in 2014.

Sales leads and business development

Identify your sales leads more effectively with our exclusive project tracking service. We track over 1,000 live desalination, water reuse and public-private partnership projects at pre-award stage. Any one of these projects could be a potential sale for your company, and our updates will keep you a step ahead of your competitors. Many companies read GWI for this service alone – can you afford to be left behind?

International coverage with local expertise

GWI has an unparalleled team of in-country journalists, reporting from every part of the world. This gives us access to a vast network of high-level contacts, including government water ministers and the CEOs of major corporations. We spend hours on the phone talking to the industry’s key players, giving you access to exclusive news and opinion.


Every issue of Global Water Intelligence Magazine includes:

What Global Water Intelligence Subscribers say ...

“The ONE journal which brings together up-to-date facts and unbiased analysis to support business planning and commercial decision making in the water & wastewater sector” Paddy Padmanathan, President and CEO, ACWA Power Projects Ltd.

“GWI differentiates itself by providing techno-commercial perspective into the near term as well as evolving dynamics in the long term. There are obviously a multitude of forums in the global water space but many of them rely on secondary data collection techniques (eroding their data credibility) or are focused on a very narrow
spectrum of the water industry.” - Anant Upadhyaya, Senior Vice President Corporate Growth, Aquatech International Corporation

“Global Water Intelligence is the reference magazine for everything you want to know (and learn) in the water business.” - Elena Reyna Monasterio, Marketing and Communication Director, Acciona Agua

“GWI is our main source of information regarding developments in the international desalination industry and the progress of new projects. In the current environment, it is more important than ever to fully understand how the global desalination market is developing, and GWI is a reliable source for information that I recommend everyone to read.” - Christian Wee, Sales Director, Aqualyng

“GWI is the only reliable information source for the water industry with up to date and global coverage.” - Rick Rosberg, Norit X-Flow

“GWI magazine is the best singular source for tracking the global desalination market.” - Lawrence Molloy, Technology Officer, Ebara Corporation

“For our business GWI provides an invaluable global overview of all important projects and insightful comment on topical issues. Not only is this informative, but GWI also offers a strategic edge, which further strengthens its relevance.” - Björn Adolfsson, Black & Veatch

“GWI keeps me up to date with the emerging water markets and key technical issues. It provides an excellent summary of the main significant projects, background on companies, investors, markets and the movers and the shakers.” - Graham Bateman, Mott MacDonald

“GWI is the most relevant journal in the industry today.” - Serenity Gardner, Hydranautics