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El Salvador plans Rio Lempa Vol 1, Issue 7 (July 2000)

EL SALVADOR’S MINISTRY OF AGRICULTUR E (MoA) is to publish a report in August on the state of pollution in the Lempa river.

Copasa split delayed for at least six months Vol 1, Issue 7 (July 2000)

THE SEPARATION of Belo Horizonte’s basic sanitation services from Copasa (Companhia de Saneamento de Minas Gerais), the Minas Gerais state water company, is likely to take another six months after the state governor and the city’s mayor agreed to the delay.

MWD board actions could open up California’s water market Vol 1, Issue 7 (July 2000)

A series of policy initiatives adopted last month by the board of southern California’s Metropolitan Water District (MWD) could open the way to greater competition in the region’s water markets.

Investors keep faith as Latin markets pick up Vol 1, Issue 7 (July 2000)

The flood of European and US capital which has followed hard on the heels of Latin America’s wide ranging water privatisation programme showed no sign of slowing in June with Chile and Brazil among the main beneficiaries.

Brazilian senate approves water agency Vol 1, Issue 7 (July 2000)

BRAZIL’S SENATE has approved the creation of an autonomous agency to regulate water resources.

Green light for $2.3 billion São Francisco transfer project Vol 1, Issue 7 (July 2000)

BRAZIL’S PRESIDENT FERNANDO HENRIQUE CARDOSO has officially approved the R$4.1 billion (US$2.27 billion) São Francisco river water transfer project.

El Bato dam bids by September 12 Vol 1, Issue 7 (July 2000)

THE 14 GROUPS prequalified to bid for the El Bato dam concession in Chile’s Illapel area have until 12 September to make their technical and economic bids, the executive secretary for irrigation, Rolando Nunez said on 22 June.

Amazon water company sale Vol 1, Issue 6 (June 2000)

The privatisation of Manaus Saneamento, the larger portion of Brazil’s Amazonas state water company, Cosama (Companhia de Saneamento do Amazonas), was postponed for a fourth time just 24 hours before the 25 May auction on the Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange.

Thames to work with EDP for Brazil concessions Vol 1, Issue 6 (June 2000)

Thames Water and Portugal’s state energy company, Electricidade de Portugal (EDP), are negotiating to form a joint venture which would be known as Thames EDP do Brasil.

Florida company to acquire Crypto Vol 1, Issue 6 (June 2000)

NUELECTRIC CORP, a Florida-based company involved in identifying and developing energy conservation and environmental technologies, has signed a letter of intent to acquire Zorax Inc and its exclusive worldwide licence to manufacture and market a proprietary process technology that improves the extraction of Cryptosporidium and Giardia from drinking water.