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Brazil gets political again Vol 1, Issue 12 (December 2000)

The vast business opportunities presented by the Brazilian water sector remain tantalisingly out of reach. Despite the best efforts of state economic development bank BNDES, privatisation of water and sanitation companies continues to be mired by administrative uncertainty and local politics.

Rio state to undertake Barra outfall project Vol 1, Issue 12 (December 2000)

RIO DE JANEIRO state governor Antony Garotinho has announced that his state will undertake the Barra de Tijuca outfall project in Rio de Janeiro’s western suburbs. The Rio state water company, Cedae, will carry out the work.

Thames not interested in Prolagos Vol 1, Issue 12 (December 2000)

THAMES WATER has denied reports that it is to take a stake in Prolagos, the basic sanitation service concessionaire for the Lake District (Regiao dos Lagos) on the eastern seaboard of Rio de Janeiro state.

Vivendi/Anglian planning new year assault on Brazil Vol 1, Issue 12 (December 2000)

VIVENDI CHAIRMAN JEAN-MARIE MESSIER is to visit Brazil early in the new year to discuss the complete privatisation of Sanepar, the Paraná state water company, with state governor Jaime Lerner. Sanepar supplies 98% of the state of Paraná with water and sewerage services.

Choqueyapu clean-up study Vol 1, Issue 12 (December 2000)

THE BOLIVIAN WATER SERVICES UTILITY, Aguas del Illimani has completed a draft feasibility study for the $52 million Choqueyapu river clean-up project.

Mexico: a lost year for water Vol 1, Issue 11 (November 2000)

To date 2000 has been something of a lost year for water projects in Mexico. Public and private sector plans have moved forward slowly or stalled completely. The election of PAN party candidate Vicente Fox has raised the prospect of change in the Mexican water sector. However, creating financing options for municipal infrastructure improvements remains a significant challenge.

CESPT reissues San Antonio de los Buenos tender Vol 1, Issue 11 (November 2000)

THE PUBLIC UTILITY in the Mexican state of Baja California – CESPT – has reissued a tender worth $5 million for the modernisation and expansion of the San Antonio de los Buenos WwTP in Tijuana.

Thames remains on track in Brazil Vol 1, Issue 11 (November 2000)

THAMES WATER has denied claims that it is getting cold feet about taking part in Brazil’s water industry privatisation process.

Cesan privatisation to go ahead Vol 1, Issue 11 (November 2000)

THE PRIVATISATION OF Companhia Espirito Santense de Saneamento (Cesan), the Espirito Santo state water company, is to resume.

São Francisco transfer update Vol 1, Issue 11 (November 2000)

BRAZILIAN NATIONAL INTEGRATION MINISTER Fernando Bezerra said on 27 October that the target date for the issue of tenders for the billion dollar- plus São Francisco river transfer scheme would be February or March 2001.