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US water withdrawals fall as conservation takes hold Vol 19, Issue 7 (July 2018)

The California drought and ongoing shifts in thermoelectric cooling processes have driven water usage in the US to its lowest level in decades. How much lower can it go?

US tax reform and interest rates drag down muni bond issuance volumes Vol 19, Issue 7 (July 2018)

The elimination of advance refunding has reduced the volume of tax-exempt water and sewer bonds issued in the US so far this year. The data belies the fact that municipalities are continuing to borrow for new construction projects at a robust rate.

Ovivo restores margins as electronics boom Vol 19, Issue 7 (July 2018)

The Canadian equipment company doubled sales into the electronics market last year. Now, it is pushing its own digital platform.

Granite Construction diversifies into water and provides exit for troubled Layne Vol 19, Issue 7 (July 2018)

After years of protracted losses and restructuring efforts, Layne Christensen has found a new home in Granite Construction. Granite CEO Jim Roberts explains to GWI why the deal makes sense.

SitePro advances automation and analytics for oilfield water Vol 19, Issue 7 (July 2018)

The digital oilfield specialist is flourishing as the buoyant US oil & gas industry becomes increasingly receptive to smart water solutions.

Suez sees growth in US advanced solutions Vol 19, Issue 7 (July 2018)

The group’s North American asset maintenance unit has better margins than O&M, and is growing at 10% per year. What is its secret?

Perth Amboy award decision ruffles feathers Vol 19, Issue 7 (July 2018)

The New Jersey municipality alienated bidders by refusing to remove an unlimited liability clause. Was the process truly competitive?

American Water exits muni con ops Vol 19, Issue 7 (July 2018)

The decision to sell its municipal contract operations portfolio comes as no surprise.

Siemens puts its oil and gas water solutions business back on the block Vol 19, Issue 7 (July 2018)

Prospective buyers face a number of challenges when evaluating the asset – not least the unit’s recent profitability issues.

Vico Infrastructure stakes its claim in the US Vol 19, Issue 7 (July 2018)

A new infrastructure development vehicle headed by a water industry veteran wants to take the lead on structuring value-added P3 projects in the United States. Despite its practical experience, it faces a slim pipeline of opportunities.