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Tokyo Takes Centre Stage For Floodwater Response Vol 19, Issue 9 (September 2018)

  • News from Tokyo above and below ground...

Karachi on Crutches Vol 19, Issue 9 (September 2018)

  • Pakistan’s largest city is looking to engage with the private sector as it seeks to reverse decades of chronic under-investment in water services. An estimated drinking water deficit of 3 million m3/d, coupled with...

Decoding India’s booming ethanol distillation market Vol 19, Issue 9 (September 2018)

India has big plans for growth in one of its most polluting industries. With stringent regulation and strong enforcement, environmental compliance remains a key challenge.

Aussie micro-utility Flow Systems up for sale Vol 19, Issue 9 (September 2018)

The company has carved out a leading position in the Australian decentralised water systems market. What are the prospects for growth?

Return of the drought Vol 19, Issue 9 (September 2018)

Australia’s drought-proofing methods are being put to the test as water returns to the public agenda. GWI’s Neil Palmer investigates.

Asia Pacific in brief Vol 19, Issue 9 (September 2018)

Mongolia’s Ministry of Environment has approved standards for reusing treated wastewater, and the national parliament is due to discuss amendments to its Water Pollution Fee Law in Q4 2018 in order to strengthen the government’s ability to fine polluters.

Dithering on desalting Vol 19, Issue 9 (September 2018)

Where has China’s demand for desalination gone? GWI’s Willy Yeo explores what could be behind the drastic change in growth.

Breakthrough Myanmar PPP scuppered again at final step Vol 19, Issue 8 (August 2018)

Thai Tap Water’s bid to revive a four-year old municipal water supply BOT in Myanmar looks to have hit the rocks once again. What makes business in Myanmar so hard?

De Nora scores breakthrough municipal win in Hong Kong for new tech combo Vol 19, Issue 8 (August 2018)

Having won a recent major contract in Hong Kong with a new scaled-down application of its existing technologies, Italian electrochemical specialist De Nora sees itself well positioned for opportunities in Asia’s growing municipal disinfection market.

Fresh thought for fresh water Vol 19, Issue 8 (August 2018)

Could a Chinese professor start a membrane technology revolution? GWI’s Willy Yeo investigates.