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Thailand’s uncertain future Vol 2, Issue 3 (March 2001)

Thailand has only recently resumed the process of privatising its water industry, which first began in the mid-1990s. So far, private sector contracts have been awarded for water supply to districts on the outskirts of Bangkok, along with several smaller projects (see table on page 4). New capital is needed to upgrade outdated production and distribution systems, but several stumbling blocks need to be overcome in order to renew private sector interest.

A word from the Editor… Vol 2, Issue 3 (March 2001)

Welcome to the March issue of Global Water Intelligence. We have decided to focus on Thailand this month.

China to pursue new Yangtze diversion plan Vol 2, Issue 2 (February 2001)

CHINA has launched another long-anticipated water diversion project to reroute water from the Yangtze river to farmland in the north of the country. The State Council is expected to approve the $17 billion first phase of the scheme later this year.

Degrémont to build New Delhi water plant Vol 2, Issue 2 (February 2001)

DEGRÉMONT has booked a €50 million contract to design, build and operate a 635,000 m3/day WTP at Sonia Vihar in New Delhi.

Cigli phase two Vol 1, Issue 12 (December 2000)

THE SECOND PHASE of the Cigli wastewater treatment plant has been inaugurated at Izmir in Turkey. The plant will process industrial and domestic wastewater which had been polluting Izmir Bay.

Finnish group consolidates in Vietnam Vol 1, Issue 12 (December 2000)

FINNISH WATER AND SEWERAGE services company Soil and Water – part of the Jaako Pöyry group – has been awarded the fourth phase of a project to develop potable water, wastewater and solid waste management systems in the Vietnamese city of Haiphong under a contract worth $5.2 million.

Sri Lanka gets $19.7 million ADB loan Vol 1, Issue 10 (October 2000)

THE ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK is to lend Sri Lanka $19.7 million to improve water resources management in the capital, Colombo. The loan will help finance a project to strengthen institutional capacity and further develop the National Water Resources Authority (NWRA).

Cambodia technical assistance role for Mott Vol 1, Issue 10 (October 2000)

THE UK’S MOTT MACDONALD has been appointed by the Asian Development Bank to assist in a programme of institutional strengthening and capacity building for Cambodia’s newly created Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology (MOWRAM).

Bangalore signs MOU with SLdE and Vivendi Vol 1, Issue 10 (October 2000)

THE STATE GOVERNMENT of Karnataka in India has signed a memorandum of understanding for two water services projects with a consortium led by Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux and Vivendi Water.

Pakistan abandons Kalabagh dam Vol 1, Issue 9 (September 2000)

THE PAKISTAN GOVERNMENT has abandoned its plan to build the Kalabagh dam and will now explore other potential sites including one at Bhasha.