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Vietnam pushes privatisation agenda Vol 17, Issue 12 (December 2016)

The privatisation process of Vietnam’s water utilities is in full swing. Water players may have a second bite at the apple when short-term local investors pull out.

World Bank tees up $400m support package for $1.7bn Vietnam water supply project Vol 17, Issue 12 (December 2016)

The Vietnamese Ministry of Construction has rebooted an old plan for large-scale water treatment plants on the Hau and Tien rivers. With the prime minister and the World Bank on board, they may come to fruition, but not in the timeline the MoC wants.

CT Environmental fights back against short seller allegations Vol 17, Issue 12 (December 2016)

Following an attack from a short seller, CT Environmental Group’s stock has lost 32% of its value, despite a robust defence and a share buyback campaign. The timely publication of annual results, coupled with movement on deals with the CDB and IFC, would help.

Australian technology firms secure foothold in Chinese water market Vol 17, Issue 12 (December 2016)

2016 has seen a flurry of partnerships between water technology companies based in Australia and Chinese SOEs looking for a unique selling point in the battle to clean up China’s environmental pollution. How sustainable is the growth dynamic?

Asia water in brief Vol 17, Issue 12 (December 2016)

Singapore-listed water project developer Moya Holdings Asia has agreed to set up a joint venture, tentatively named PT Water Tecnologia Indonesia, with Filipino water concessionaire Maynilad to pursue NRW and wastewater management projects in Indonesia.

Don’t hold your breath Vol 17, Issue 12 (December 2016)

Rumours are rife over the delay to the Marina East desalination contract award in Singapore. Willy Yeo investigates.

Yunnan Water’s $350m deal presages regional expansion Vol 17, Issue 11 (November 2016)

Yunnan Water has agreed to put up $350 million to secure Hyflux and Mitsui’s joint water assets in China. With prospects for organic growth in its home market looking slim, it is betting on Southeast Asia for further expansion.

Origin Water outlines overseas ambitions Vol 17, Issue 11 (November 2016)

Beijing Origin Water is looking at the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia for new projects, assets and technologies.

Tigris Water steps up ‘twining’ strategy with second investment in three months Vol 17, Issue 11 (November 2016)

The Macquarie-backed investment platform has committed $25 million to help a second company in its network become a regional project developer. As more companies chase a limited pool of projects, at what point do conflicts start to emerge?

Suez takes controlling stake in Sino French to drive cross-sector campaign in China Vol 17, Issue 11 (November 2016)

The restructuring of China’s most successful foreign water enterprise is looking to capitalise on the growing trend in China to approach environmental issues in a holistic way, with PPP contracts integrating water, solid waste and environmental remediation on the rise.