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Inima emerges from revenue stagnation with dual-pronged growth strategy Vol 18, Issue 5 (May 2017)

The Spanish contractor has diversified its business model in order to meet the growth expectations of its Korean parent. It has yet to make a breakthrough in the Gulf.

Abengoa ready to return to growth in water Vol 18, Issue 5 (May 2017)

The Spanish company’s water subsidiary was on top of the world in 2015 when its parent company was overwhelmed by debt. After a huge financial restructuring, the company is ready to reconquer the water market, CEO Joaquín Fernández de Piérola Marín tells GWI.

Europe water in brief Vol 18, Issue 5 (May 2017)

Suez has fixed the price of its €750 million capital increase at €15.80. Subscriptions for the deal close on 19 May, and proceeds will be used to part-fund the acquisition of GE Water.

A GLAAS half empty? Vol 18, Issue 5 (May 2017)

Investment in water assets cannot be carried out in the dark, says David Lloyd Owen – but where is the data?

Report highlights Andalucía’s sewage woes Vol 18, Issue 4 (April 2017)

Tight municipal budgets and rising non-compliance levels at wastewater treatment plants in southern Spain have created a vicious circle of under-investment. With central government spending set to fall, is there a greater role for the private sector?

Spain targets corruption in the water sector Vol 18, Issue 4 (April 2017)

Parliamentarians have called for an independent audit of the procurement bodies embroiled in the corruption scandal that has rocked the Spanish water sector. Allegations of a hidden public sector deficit could have wider implications for Spain’s relationship with the EU.

10% of English non-household customers expected to switch supplier by next April Vol 18, Issue 4 (April 2017)

The initial flurry of customers who changed their retail water supplier under new UK competition rules is expected to be sustained over the next year. With 20 retailers now holding licences, how soon before the shake-out begins?

UK water market’s affinity with ROFO clauses withers Vol 18, Issue 4 (April 2017)

Right-of-first-refusal clauses could be limiting interest in UK regulated water assets. The sale of Affinity Water is likely to be different.

A catchment considered Vol 18, Issue 4 (April 2017)

David Lloyd Owen considers the hard numbers behind soft resources – and how authorities are starting to factor them in.

Europe water in brief Vol 18, Issue 4 (April 2017)

Two infrastructure support businesses once owned by regulated UK water utilities have been sold this month.