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Evac set to cruise to market-beating growth under new ownership Vol 18, Issue 10 (October 2017)

The Finnish water and waste company wants to double its revenue base under new owner Bridgepoint. It still lacks exposure to one of the most hyped growth areas in the market.

Yorkshire Water mulling debut ‘social bond’ Vol 18, Issue 10 (October 2017)

As monopolies, water utilities have never had to worry too much about the wider benefits their interventions have on society at large. The sector’s first ‘social bond’ is set to challenge that notion.

United Utilities pushes the envelope on CPI Vol 18, Issue 10 (October 2017)

A new 40-year bond linked to the consumer price index is believed to be the longest ever issued in this format by a UK water utility. With demand sporadic at best, what will it take to bring CPI-linked debt into the mainstream?

Fatbergs and the silo mentality Vol 18, Issue 10 (October 2017)

Joined-up thinking could mean the sewer blockages facing Thames Water could be turned into an opportunity, says David Lloyd Owen.

Europe water in brief Vol 18, Issue 10 (October 2017)

The UK Labour Party’s plans to buy back outstanding PFI contracts if it gets into power were met with disdain by industry body CBI, which said in a statement that the party’s “vision of massive state intervention is the wrong plan at the wrong time.”

AMP7 concerns mount as procurement kicks off Vol 18, Issue 9 (September 2017)

Severn Trent’s AMP7 tender has reignited debate over the shape of client-contractor relationships in the next asset management period. Some will fare better than others.

UK water market prepares to re-assess the ABC of DPC Vol 18, Issue 9 (September 2017)

An industry workshop on 9th October will give UK water players the opportunity to engage with the regulator to shape its vision for how future water projects could be financed off-balance sheet. What are the key points of contention?

Data: the outperformance catalyst Vol 18, Issue 9 (September 2017)

The ability to use data for proactive asset management promises much in the way of efficiencies for UK water companies going forward. Is the supply chain on board?

Divining the future of Spain’s municipal water concessions market Vol 18, Issue 9 (September 2017)

The reversion of a further two contracts to public sector management over the summer could herald a worrying trend for Spanish private water operators. How much of it is political bluff?

Veolia refreshes its approach to French water as profitability concerns hit home Vol 18, Issue 9 (September 2017)

It is no secret that the net profit in Veolia’s domestic water business has eroded away to almost nothing. The new CEO of Veolia Eau France is convinced that a redefinition of the way the group interacts with its core client base is the key to restoring margins.