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Rapid economic growth has left a legacy of water pollution that the government is no longer ignoring. Chinese authorities are now determined to improve wastewater effluent quality, sludge management, and drinking water quality. Environmental protection is regarded by the top levels of government as a driver of economic growth, rather than a limiting factor. Several important policies have been released since 2014 and the 13th Five Year Plan (2016–2020) has set ambitious targets for 2020 as well as increased support in public-private-partnerships (PPP). China is the top market in the world- utility and industrial capex is $52 billion in 2016 and set to increase to $67 billion in 2020. There are huge opportunities for companies that can establish and develop the right partnerships with domestic players.

China Industrial Water Markets: Opportunities and partnerships in the new focus on industrial wastewater treatment

With the introduction of the Water Pollution Action Plan, a new leader and more stringent discharge standards, the Chinese Water Market is changing. Local players and industrial clients are looking to partner with international companies to meet their changing industrial wastewater treatment needs – this report will outline the growing opportunities for international players, strategies for breaking into the Chinese industrial water sector and the trends that will drive new prospects in this market and the potential Chinese partners.