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The Indian water and wastewater market has significant potential over the coming years, with a strong focus on wastewater treatment and urban water supply underpinned by a multi-billion dollar central government budget. Opportunities for the private sector are manifold as India seeks expertise and private funding to meet ambitious goals.

India Water Markets: Opportunities for wastewater treatment in a tougher regulatory climate


The new NDA government in India is set to put a stop to water pollution. From the clean-up of River Ganga and new regulations for wastewater discharge to tougher action on industrial polluters, there will be significant investment in the Indian municipal and industrial water markets.

Advanced technologies, plant upgrades and new wastewater treatment plants will be required to meet new demands, creating opportunities for local and international players. This report will identify and analyse market entry strategies and procurement models for the municipal and industrial sectors, giving companies the unique chance to identify potential partners, competitors and routes into the market.