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Industrial Water Services and Chemicals


Operational expenditure on water-related processes in industry is estimated to be around $220 billion in 2015, substantially larger than capital spending on new technologies. This is set to grow as ever more exacting specifications for process water, tougher environmental regulations, low commodity prices in the natural resources sector and a growing commitment to water stewardship present new challenges for industrial users. In this section, we show how the management of water operations is increasingly being outsourced to professional third parties, the factors driving this trend and the entry routes for new market players. This section covers four main areas of interest:

• The opportunities for suppliers of water treatment chemicals and the growing adoption of service contracts.
• The market for complete outsourcing of water treatment systems, focusing on asset ownership models such as BOT and BOO, traditional operations and maintenance contracts, and the market for mobile solutions.
• The drive towards centralised utility services in industrial parks, particularly for wastewater treatment in Asia
• The challenges and opportunities faced by providers of water management services to the unconventional oil & gas industry in North America.