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Introduction to Water for the Mining Industry

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Securing a reliable supply of water for extraction, handling and transportation is vitally important to mining companies looking to expand their operations. These companies will go to great lengths to meet this need, running pipelines hundreds of miles long from desalination plants on the coast and treating wastewater that is conventional held in tailings ponds. Wastewater treatment technologies can recover saleable metal that might otherwise be lost and prevent environmental contamination from highly acidic effluent streams. Developing the infrastructure and technologies to meet these challenges in the mining industry is driving a market worth $11.9 billon.

Water for Mining in Latin America

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Water for Mining in Latin America is a must have guide to recent developments and emerging prospects for water companies in the hottest mining countries. In around 30 pages, this report gets straight to the best areas of opportunity, focusing on the most attractive mining markets in the region. The reports shows you exactly where the business is happening right now and which part of the water cycle offers the best prospects in that region.