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Introduction to Water for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Ultrapure water is essential in the pharmaceutical industry as it provides a high purity solution free of biological contamination for use in medical products. This section gives an overview of water requirements, wastewater challenges and technologies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Water for Pharmaceuticals

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Following the patent cliff in 2011, the pharmaceutical industry is in a state of flux. Blockbuster drugs which generated consistent double digit growth for Big Pharma have expired, and now the industry is turning to drastic business models to maximise their revenues. Water is a core business for the pharmaceutical industry, and these developments will ultimately have a knock-on effect on the water for pharmaceuticals market.

This report is an essential tool for any water company working within the sector - helping you to minimise the effects that these developments have on your business and maintaining success in the industry. In 50 pages, this report will analyse the changes in market dynamics and procurement processes, helping you win bids. The report pinpoints the key areas of opportunity and growth, so you can stay ahead of the game in this changing industry.