Global Water Intelligence Magazine's annual Water Tariff Survey

The Global Water Tariff Survey 2018 was published in September 2018 and features the most extensive tariff survey yet. Featuring water and wastewater tariff profiles for 512 cities, across 192 countries, the 2018 Survey includes 51 more locations than the 2017 survey and is accompanied by a 2018 update of the Global Water Leaders group (GWLG) White Paper entitled “The Global Value of Water”.

The Global Water Tariff Survey 2018 Features:

tariff survey design asset 2018.png

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The Global Value of Water – A Global Water Leaders Group White Paper:

The Global Water Tariff Survey 2018 includes ‘The Global Value of Water, a GWLG White Paper published in partnership with Arup, and containing detailed insights and analysis of the 2018 survey results.


The Global Water Tariff Survey is the leading repository of global water tariff data and analysis, featuring tariff profiles from 512 locations and updated annually by Global Water Intelligence. The complete Global Tariff Survey database, including survey results from 2018-2011 and The Global Value of Water White Paper, is available to all GWI Magazine subscribers, who can access it on this page as part of their full subscription. Subscribe to GWI Magazine here.