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Global Water Intelligence Magazine is the market-leading publication for developers, suppliers, financiers, governments and utilities seeking information and analysis about the global water market. It's more than just a magazine — it's a monthly repository of critical business information which will help you to shape the future direction of your company.

Monthly — Print and Online

Full Price: £995 / $1,695


  • Track the progress of over 900 Desal, PPP and Reuse Water Projects 
  • In-depth market analysis of the global water industry
  • Emerging water markets and new technologies
  • Annual Tariff Survey covering 450+ cities 
  • News and opinion from our network of industry experts

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Market Research Reports

From the Global Water Market report + forecasts to Water for Offshore Oil & Gas, GWI market reports offer the best analysis of the opportunities and threats within the water market. A highly skilled team of experts analyse source data and talk to industry insiders to give a complete picture of the global water market.

Quarterly — Print, PDF + Excel Forecasts

  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Power
  • Food & Beverage
  • Sludge
  • Smart Networks
  • AMP 6
  • MF/UF Membranes
  • Industrial Desalination


WaterData is a single-source for all data critical to business planning for the water industry.  Bringing GWI’s proprietary market forecasts and analysis together with third party datasets providing the rationale behind our data, WaterData will revolutionise the way you work and save you days of research.

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  • Uncover opportunities in your target market. 
  • Drill-down into the data, build custom forecasts and verify the numbers with third party datasets.
  • Predict and find out about market developments ahead of your competitors and monitor the activities of key market players.
  • Once your due diligence is complete, use WaterData to develop a strategy to take to your board.

DesalData is the ultimate business development tool for desalination professionals. Containing information on over 18,000 plants and project, this powerful tool provides a network of related links between companies, projects, analysis and the latest news helping you find new business opportunities, keep an eye on your competitors and make predictions based on market forecasts.

Online Database

Full Price: £2,575, $4,375

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  • Gain access to an inventory of over 19,500 projects and plants
  • Download project and plant data into Excel spreadsheets for easy manipulation and analysis
  • Country profiles providing easy access to latest news and projects, including 21 in-depth country profiles
  • Quarterly webinars providing market insights and global data analysis
  • Keep up with emerging business opportunities with 5-year forecasts of contracted capacity, capex and opex
  • Use out cost estimator tool to estimate capital expenditure, operating expenditure, and resulting water prices for your own project, with customisable parameters for country, technology, feedwater salinity and more

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Water Desalination Report

Water Desalination Report is the most accurate and up-to-date news source for the desalination and advanced water treatment sector. Founded in 1965, the weekly newsletter covers desalination plants, projects, shortlists, people and the latest desalination technology news.

Weekly — Email Bulletin + PDF

Full price: £355/$595 


  • Weekly desalination news
  • Desalination plants
  • Desalination projects
  • Desalination jobs
  • Technology Reviews
  • Free IDA Yearbook with every subscription

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Ultrapure Micro

Ultrapure Micro is the leading platform for research, knowledge exchange and networking for the ultrapure water and microelectronics sector. The renowned Ultrapure Water Micro Event and peer-reviewed Ultrapure Micro Journal together address the unique challenges and complexities of the semiconductor manufacturing process and provide a focused platform for collaborative development. 

Individual subscription: $197
$397 after June 1st 2018


  • Peer-review research & review articles​
  • Semi-conductor & Microelectronics​
  • Science & technology for UPW treatment and usage​
  • 6 issues per year​
  • Archive subscription

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IDA Desalination Yearbook

IDA Desalination Yearbook is published annually and provides a comprehensive round-up of the preceding 12 months in the world of desalination. The Yearbook is read by everyone interested in the desalination market, providing a desal company directory and a timeline of all the important developments that have been taking place in the advanced water treatment industry.

Annually — Print, PDF & Online
FREE with a Subscription to WDR

Full Price: £355/$595

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  • Comprehensive reference directory
  • Register of new plants contracted
  • In-depth market profile
  • Featured plant profiles
  • The year in Desalination
  • Desal timeline
  • FREE Water Desalination Report subscription
  • Print & Online

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GWI Briefing

The GWI Briefing is a FREE weekly newsletter offering sharp, concise and actionable news on private sector activity in the water industry, fresh insight on market developments and unique industry perspectives from Global Water Intelligence publisher Christopher Gasson

Weekly — Email News Bulletin and Online

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  • Unique industry perspectives from Global Water Intelligence Publisher, Christopher Gasson
  • Fresh insight on market developments
  • Insider information at your fingertips

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The Produced Water Society

The Produced Water Society is a collection of engineers and industry professionals with the common purpose to study and improve the separation, treatment and analysis of offshore and onshore produced water with the goal to meet the discharge and reinjection requirements of the industry and the environment.

Annual Conference — January
$50 Membership Fee

Join the PWS

  • Offshore Oil and Gas
  • Water for Onshore Oil & Gas
  • Filtration
  • Separation
  • Water Chemistry
  • Regulations
  • New Technologies

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